“I thought I would like to put pen to paper and compliment your team on the excellent service and assistance to help my mom getting in and out of the oxygen chamber from her wheelchair. The HBOT treatments have definitely helped my mom. She shows signs of better cognitive awareness as early as after the second treatment. The improvement with her has been nothing short of miraculous.
My mother is 96 years old this year (2021). She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s eight years ago (2013) when she had her second stroke. She lost left hand and leg mobility for a couple of years but regained limited usage over time. But her Alzheimer’s has gradually worsened.
As my mom got older, she has encountered but recovered fairly quickly from some commonly known age-related (elderly) illnesses – such as bruising easily, shingles, fall, pneumonia from flu/cold. Each round of medication, antibiotics seems to make her Alzheimer’s worse. Of course, there is the “aging” factor.
Just recently, after a slow recovery from the pneumonia attack which caused by urinary tract infection due to diaper use, mom’s mental condition has been deteriorating noticeably fast. She was no longer able to feed herself, repeatedly saying the same sentence every second (constantly), and did not want to swallow food (holding in her mouth). I am so afraid that someday she will choke herself to death. Therefore, I decided to start her on oxygen treatments at Life Hyperbarics, hoping to bring more oxygen to her brain.
To our surprise, by Day 2 treatment, Mom stared at the floral pattern on Misty’s
clogs nursing shoes. She like it. She gave Misty a big thumb up and said “Good”. Mom was showing interest to surrounding, appreciation and relating to others.
After two weeks of HBOT, she is able to feed herself again. She remains mentally calm, engaged and alert. Her tight left-hand fist is relaxed and opens up more. Most importantly she does not repeat herself as often. This helps us more easily assist her daily routine.
It has been a pleasure to work with the Life Hyperbarics team. Both Misty and Ismael are very knowledgeable. They are caring and observant. They pay attention the subtle changes in Mom’s behavior and explain to me how HBOT oxygen is helping.
I am more than happy to recommend your service. I am sure others will be as satisfied as my mom and myself.”

Daughter of Alzheimer’s Patient